12 March 2014

New Online Database: Clinical Key

Assalamualaikum w.r.t. w.b.t,

IIUM Library  has stopped subscribing MDConsult but already subscribed new one alike: Clinical Key. MD Consult is no longer available and has been migrated to ClinicalKey. 
ClinicalKey is a new database that contains all of the content from MD Consult.  In addition to this, ClinicalKey provides access to over 1,000 additional medical and surgical reference eBooks, First Consult point-of-care clinical monographs, Procedures Consult content and associated videos, Clinical Pharmacology drug monographs, and over 13,000 Elsevier medical and surgical videos. 

Click here to start using ClinicalKey now

IIUM Library Kuantan

07 March 2014

Retirement of our Head of Library, IIUM Kuantan Campus, Tn Hj Sayadek bin Sata

The IIUM Library Kuantan would like to announce the retirement of our Head of Library, IIUM Kuantan Campus, Tn Hj Sayadek bin Sata as of 7th March 2014.

He has contributed thirty years (30) of experience to this University; since 1983, and his achievements will not be forgotten.

His support, guidance and efforts is well appreciated. May Allah SWT bless him in the next steps of his journey.

IIUM Library
Kuantan Campus

06 February 2014

Literature Search / Information Literacy / Library Research Skill

Assalamu'alaikum wrt. wbt. 

Do you guys know that at IIUM Library Kuantan, we have a session with Librarian who teach Literature Search / Information Literacy / Library Research Skill.

You may request a session with a Librarian at Circulation Counter using Literature Request form or email at faizalhazri@iium.edu.my or call Library at 09-571 6400 (ext. 4188).

Content of Literature Search / Information Literacy / Library Research Skill:

1. What is Information Literacy
2. Introduction of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
3. Reference Resources at IIUM Library Kuantan
4. How To Search Smarter, Search Faster
5. What is Call Number
6. What is Citation
7. How to find Full-Text Articles
8. How to Access Off Campus
10. Citation Software (e.g. EndNote Web)

07 August 2012

How To Use Off Campus Access

IIUM Library users may use our online database from outside IIUM campus using the digital library account.

1. Please register your borrowing books account at the library or if you have the borrower account, please update your account i.e. library barcode, matric/ staff no., and privilege expiration date (for contract staff and change course/ new student from CFS).

2. After you have register/ update borrower account, please register your digital library account. Please click here to register: http://www.lib.iium.edu.my/elmu-mm/index.jsp?module=registration&action=registration1.jsp

3. Enter your library barcode as your username, password, hint phrase & hint answer. Click Next.

4. Fill in your particulars in the form and click submit.

5. Click Agree.

6. You will be notified by email and please wait 1 working day for your account to be processed by our librarian in Gombak campus.

7. Please configure first your internet browser i.e. IE or Mozilla How to click here: http://www.lib.iium.edu.my/index.jsp?module=ROOT&action=proxy_guide.jsp

2. Copy the proxy number (in blue colour) or just copy this number:
put the number above in your internet option (Click on Automatic configuration proxy URL and paste the no.) Click OK

4. After successfully login, you may use our online database Click link below to choose the online database:

5. If you already know the title of journal, you may use our New online database: JetP (http://www.jetp.com.my/iium/search/)

Good Luck in your research!